Sponsorship Opportunities

Rajgopuram Yajaman $20,000 and above 80 blocks
Shikhar Yajaman $10,000 and above 40 blocks
Pramukh Yajaman $5,000 and above 20 blocks
Maha Kumbhabhishekam Yajaman $2,500 and above 10 blocks
Dainik Yajaman $1,000 and above 4 blocks
Main Sponsor $500 and above 2 blocks
Prasad Sponsor $250 and above 1 block
Nag Devata Murti and Shrine $10,000 40 blocks
Other Murti and Shrine $10,000 40 blocks

This monumental project with a cost of $804,000, a hopeful dream for some and a tireless mission for others, will soon become a reality and an indelible part of the Temple’s impressive architecture and rich history. Please support your Temple in this grand endeavor by donating any amount you wish. A donation of $251 will go towards one square foot (1 block) of either the Rajgopuram (installed at the entrance) or any of the other six Gopurams that will be installed on the shrines of Deities. When you indicate which Gopuram you would like to sponsor, the Temple will gift a small memorabilia in appreciation of your generosity and as a reminder of the significant role you played in the structural completion of the Temple. As per Hindu Shastras, the opportunity to donate toward the construction of a Temple is a rare blessing and the benefits of such contribution carry over to future generations. You may have been chosen for this special task. Will you recognize it? Will you be a part of making history?